Private car park Rome

Private guarded car park and car vallet service in Rome

Our headquarters in Rome in Via Maffii Maffio 20 near Via Tiburtina. Here is also our Private guarded car park.

Our headquarters offers secure private car parking service for all those who plan to arrive in Rome by car and want the certainty of finding a parking space without unnecessary waiting time and fuel wastage.

Traffic in Rome is chaotic and stressful. The historic centre is a ZTL-zone. For entering this zone you need to have a ZTL-pass and to pay for parking.
Be aware that the parking capacity is very limited.

What is ZTL (Zona Traffico Limitato) in Rome ?

A ZTL is set in City center of Rome, in Trastevere and others area in Rome. Entering the zone is only authorized to local inhabitants with a permit or to individuals destined for a hotel in the restricted zone or special cars and Vans.  Ask your hotel to assist with the registration of your license plate number. The ZTL is controlled by cameras. For more detailed information on ZTL timings click on ZTL ROME.

No parking?

Sometimes hotel and B&B in Rome haven’t a parking for customers. And in Rome is very difficult to fond a parking special in the night.
Our Tips: Cheap parking in Rome. Book your long-stay parking in Rome in advance.

And for those who wish to leave their vehicle and reach the hotel, monuments or shopping  in total relax we offer the “Car Vallet” service for all the transfers within Rome.

Contact the Private Guarded Car Park in Rome for more information

Contact us for more informations about car vallet and garage.

Stay in Rome has never been so easy with our car services!


24 h / 24h
7 days / 7
via Maffio Maffii 20, Roma
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tel +39 06 4181510 (IT)
Mob –> +39 347 302 0007  (IT) (ENG) (SP) (FR)

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