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Car rental with driver and Chauffeur Rome services

With many years of experience in the industry, Taxi NCC Italy is able to offer a wide range of Car Rental with Driver and Chauffeur Rome Services, specifically designed to meet every need and special occasion.

For your wedding, events, film making and advertising, shopping, visiting places of entertainment or historic and artistic interest, Taxi NCC Italy has thought about how to make comfortable and stylish every important moment of your life.

Discretion and professionalism of our drivers are a guarantee of maximum reliability and safety for public figures and personalities who choose our VIP Transfer service.


The chauffeur service allows you to visit in comfort entertainment and shopping destinations such as Zoomarine Park, Magicland and Castel Romano Outlet. From the start of your journey to return home, we make your relaxing days special and unforgettable. We will guide you to your destination and back to pick you up leaving you time to shop in confidence entusismante or enjoy a day in the amusement parks of Rome and Lazio.

How it works?

  • For first our driver will pick you up at the pickup location.
  • Then he will accompany you to the destination. He will wait you all the time you need (minimum 3 hours)
  • Finally, it will lead you back to the landing point or another place within Rome or in Civitavecchia.

I need only a transfer services, is this possible?
As an alternative to the hourly arrangement, we will accompany you to your destination and come back to pick you up, leaving you time to shop in complete tranquility to enjoy an exciting day of shopping or fun without the hassle of traffic. In this case, the time lapse between one transfer and the next should guarantee the return of the car, therefore possible only for places near Rome. See the page dedicated to car transfers.e

shopping chauffeur rome

Car rental with driver for shopping

Horly car rental with driver, with a minimum of 3 hours is ideal for those who intend to enjoy a day of shopping without the hassle of parking and city traffic. The ztl will not be a problem for our drivers and will be able to leave you in the place of your choice without any limitation.
From pick-up to return to your destination, we make your shopping day relaxing and enjoyable.


Hourly car rental for parks

Taxi Ncc Italy’s hourly service is ideal for those who want to reach places of entertainment in comfort such as the Zoomarine Park, Magicland Rainbow park, Cinecittà world and others, without worrying about traffic, parking and time passing. . From departure to return home, we make your relaxing days special and unforgettable.

disposizione auto vip

Chauffeur Rome service for VIP

Our cooperative prides itself on a classy arrangement service suitable for high class events. In our portfolio of services we have worked for international embassies such as the American one and for events such as the Rome Film Festival. This is thanks to our professionalism, confidentiality and courtesy that has always distinguished us. Contact us freely for custom quotes.



Hourly and daily private driver

Finally, we provide a personalized service for those who need a car and a driver for one or more days.
The daily car arrangement guarantees a driver who will follow all your movements without changing kilometers. You can book a time block or all day or even several days. We recommend for this service to request a free quote, to guarantee the best rate, using the form.

Amusement Parks

ZOOMARINE water amusement park
MAGICLAND classic amusement park
CINECCITA’ WORLD theme movie amusement park
LUNEUR kids luna park
HYDROMANIA acquatik park
BIOPARCO zoo in ROme

Shopping centers and shopping streets

Via del Corso
Via Nazionale


THE MALL near Firenze

Departure inside Rome

from 7:00 to 21.:00

Sedan 1-2 posti 35 €/h
Sedan 3-4 posti 40 €/h
Minivan 4-6 posti 45 €/h
Van 7-8 posti 50 €/h

from 21:00 to  7:00

5€ fee/h.

Departure outside Rome

from 7:00 to 21.:00

Sedan 1-2 seats 40 €/h and  a 0,70 € al Km
Sedan 1-4 seats 45 €/h and  a 0,70 € al Km
Minivan 4-6 seats 50 €/h and  0,90 € al Km
Van 7-8 seats  55 €/h and 1 € al Km

Tariffa notturna tra le 21:00 e le  7:00
5€ fee/h.

For custom chauffeur service please fill the form.

For transfer service see transfer page

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