Bracciano Tour from Rome or Civitavecchia offers great location and atmosphere. The oldest settlements in Bracciano date back to the 10th century. The Saracens built fortifications and castles around the lake of the same name.
In the center of the city you can visit the castle. Odescalchi Castle, which draws its name from the family that owned it since 1696, has its own inside, magnificent frescoes and antique furniture, and is considered one of the fortified, more elegant Italian mansions in Italy. In the heart of Bracciano is also the Church of Santa Maria Novella, whose convent currently houses the Civic Museum of Bracciano.

Also you can visit the Natural Park of Martignano and one of the most important and ancient Areonautical Museum: the Air force Vigna Valle Museum.

BRACCIANO lake tour+ Castle Odescalchi 

  • Odescalchi Castle of Bracciano
  • Lunch break in a typical restaurant
  • Bracciano Lake

BRACCIANO lake tour + Air Force Museum (only saturday and sunday)

  • Air Force Museum of Vigna di Valle
  • Lunch break in a typical restaurant
  • Bracciano Lake

BRACCIANO  lake tour + natural park

  • Natural park Bracciano – Martignano (1:30 natural itinerary)
  • Lunch break in a typical restaurant
  • Bracciano


  • 10 hours to visit: Bracciano and Bracciano Lake, Odescalchi Castle and Calcata. (if is Suturday or Sunday you will visit also Air force Museum)

More info about Bracciano and  Natural park of  Bracciano – Martignano