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info: Tour Rome + Priorato of Malta

Date 18 – 25 May 2018

Total Duration 4h Rome tour + Priorato of Malta

time available 11:15 tour Priorato ofmalta duration 1:30

Passengers from 2-8


Tour Prices 1-4 persone 123 € | 4-6 persone 144 € | 6-8 persone 154 €

Ticket Priorato of Malta

adults (vox+guida+ingresso) 21 euro
students age 12 – 25 : 18 euro
Over 65: 18 euro
age 6-11 : 5 euro

Booking and payment anticipated need

15 seats availaible. limited seats. Hurry up and book

The tour Rome and priory of Malta

An extraordinary opportunity to visit Rome and one of the lesser known places of the capital, the priory of Malta. The special opening is scheduled for Friday, January 20 from 10:50 to 12:00. Taxi NCC Italy has created a special tour by entering this wonderful stage along the route. The extraordinary visit of the Priory of Malta will have a duration of about 1:30, total duration of the tour is 4 hours.

The Priory of Malta

You are wondering what it is and where it is?
The Priory of Malta is the magnificent structure which houses the Grand Priory of the Order of Malta. It is located next to the famous bolt within which, thanks to a perspective view, you can see St Peter’s dome. The square on which you open the door it is the work of Piranesi.
Square and the Church, are created by architect Piranesi, who was entrusted for restructuring the buildings by Pope Clement XIII Cardinal Rezzonico.
On the premises you can visit the Church of Santa Maria del Priorato, extraordinary work composed by elegant stucco.

Circus Maximus

Leaving the Priory of Malta will be able to visit the Circus Maximus. The ancient site reserved for racing Horses and Chariots in the ancient Roman Empire. In recent years some archaeological work has brought to light new findings of considerable interest.

The Mouth of Truth

Have you ever wanted to know the truth?
The mouth of the truth will be able to unravel this mystery. Big mouth located a short walk from Circus Maximus is a popular destination for tourists who often turn to her to know the real feelings of the beloved or beloved.

Teatro Marcello

One of the greatest amphitheatres on the Roman territory. Just a few minutes from Circo Massimo, in the Campus Martius area. It ‘a place for shows and Operas during the summertime.

Altar of the Fatherland, and Piazza Venezia

To end TAXI NCC ITALY tour will take you to visit the beautiful Piazza Venezia which overlooks the altar of the Fatherland, the museums of the Vittoriano and the Capitol.
For those wishing to prolong the visit it is possible to visit one of the Victorian museums and take a walk along the Imperial holes until reaching the Coliseum.

Places are limited … hurry up !!!

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  • Booking and payment anticipaded needed
Rome tour and Priority of Malta

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