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Tour castelli romani | Roman's castles tour by Taxi Ncc Italy


Beautiful places and breathtaking views just a few kilometres from Rome, along the slopes of the volcanic hills of the Colli Albani. With the Roman’s Castles Tour, we guides you to explore some of the most beautiful places in Lazio and Italy, rich in history, natural beauty and famous for their typical products.

Discover cities such as Ariccia, Frascati, Castle Gandolfo, Nemi, Grottaferrata. Visit the palaces, mansions, monuments and also archaeological sites related to the historical events of the nearby capital. Explore the feudal fortifications in the surroundings of Lake of Albano and other unique views offered by the Roman Castles landscape.

Only with this tour enjoy the history and culture of the place. Make a stop in one of the classic “fraschette”, where you can finally taste typical products such as “porchetta di Ariccia”, the bread of Lariano, the strawberries of Nemi, the chestnuts from Rocca di Papa, and the wine of Frascati.

With The Roman’s Castles Tour  meet taste, art and nature. A truly all-encompassing experience. And surely for a full day, choose and mix 3 or 4 Castles cities for a wonderful Combo Roman’s Castles Tour.

Half day Roman’s Castles tour 6hours

  • Choose 2-3 Castles cities

Fullday Roman’s Castles tour 12hours

  • Choose 4-5 Castles cities

Roman’s Castles tour highlights

  • First of all, the tour allows you to visit different cities of the Roman castles. In fact you can compose the tour as you like.
  • It is important to underline that in this tour the tasting of typical indigenous products that cannot be found in the rest of the world is reflected in every restaurant in the area!
  • History and culture therefore merge with local food that can be tasted in the classic fraschette. You can therefore taste typical products such as porchetta from Ariccia, bread from Lariano, strawberries from Nemi, chestnuts from Rocca di Papa, wine from Frascati.
  • Finally, the tour allows a great variety of attractions for the most diverse interests: nature, museums, games and discovery of the ancient.
  • For better understand all the cities in Castels area you can visit the official site.  In each city infact you can see one or two main monuments and some museums. Here are some examples.
Tour nemi | nemi tour | Nemi


Dear Guest if you have passion for ships and ancient Rome, of course you can’t ignore this itinerary. Because Caligola had a big passion for ships, and so in this area he created his ship bases. Infact in Nemi you can visit the Museum of the roman ship.

In Nemi are also locate some churchs like Santa Maria del Pozzo and The sanctuary of the crocefisso.

At last you can visit the themple of Diana nemorense.

Nemi is also famous for the will strawberry delicious dish. Remember to try some!

 SHIP MUSEUM OF NEMI No sunday – 9.00 alle ore 19.00 (1h)

Other thing to see in Nemi: Ruspoli Palace

Tour Albano | Albano tour by Taxi Ncc Italy


In the morning you will visit the Civic Museum and the catacombs with the same ticket. Also you can visit some museum located inside ancient Roman’s therms like Museum Villa Ferraioli and Museum II Legion Partica, or you will visit the ancient roman theater ruin 

For lunch you can choose some tipical restaurant in Albano laziane.

In the city center you will see the church of St. Peter and St. Pancrazio  Cathedral 

If you like natual landscape you can walk near Lake.

CIVIC MUSEUM: opening time 9:00-13:00

Others thing to see in Albano  (Roman Anphiteather, S. Peter Church, Imperial Villa,Civic Museum, S. Pancrazio Chatedral, Caracalla Termal area, Pretorian Door, Romitorio of St Angel, Legione partica museumS. Maria della Rotonda Church, S. Maria della Stella Convent, S. Senatore Catacumbs, Cappuccini Convent, sepulcher of the Orazi and Curiazi, Cisternoni, S. Paolo Church and Convent)

Tour castelli romani | roman's castles tour | castel-gandolfo


Castel Gandolfo is the most important castle because inside the city there is the summer residence of the Pope. If you like, you can visit also  the gardens of the residence. 

Also you can visit the Church of St. Thomas and near the Lake you will be able to see 2 ninfeos ancient sites.

For lunch you can choose between different location in eich you can taste local food. 

More info About Castel Gandolfo

Others things to see in Gandolfo: Barberini villa, S. Thomas from Villanova Church, Panoramic view

Tour castelli romani | Roman's Castles tour | grottaferrata


Grottaferrata isn’t so famous like Frascati and Ariccia, but in real have more important and historical sites.

For first you will visit the Exarchic Greek abbey of “Santa Maria di Grottaferrata” also know as Abbazia Greca di San Nilo.

After if you have time before lunch you can walk in the city to fell the castles atmosphere and tahn you can have a Lunch in a typical “fraschetta”

One of the most important archeological site in Grottaferrata are also Catacumbs At Decimum. You will visit vith a guide with 5€ but remember to pre-book it. 

Catacombe Ad Decimum: Sunday 10 -12.30 /16 -18.30 others days only with reservation

Other thing to see in Grottaferrata:  Grazioli Villa

Tour castelli romani | roman's castles tour | Frascati


When you arrive in Frascati you will be attract for first from Villa Aldobrandini / Convent of S. Silvestro. A big palace built in 17th century. The garden are always opened. If you are lucky in you day the villa will be opened for an internal visit.

If the villa will be closed, the Cathedral will be not for sure.  This is a Roman Catholic cathedral and minor basilica in Frascati, dedicated to Saint Peter the Apostle

You can have a lunch break in a typical “fraschetta”.

After our driver get you to go at MUSEO TUSCOLANO with Ruins of the city of Tuscolo (villa of Tiberio, Amphitheater and theater).  The Scuderie Aldobrandini (Aldobrandini Stables). Through the architectural refurbishment designed by Massimiliano Fuksas, a multifunctional space with original innovations, multimedia space and an auditorium was created.

At the opposite if you prefear a natural park our driver get you to visit Villa Torlonia.

MUSEO TUSCOLANO No monday- Other days 10.00 alle 18.00

Tour castelli romani | Roman's Castles Tour | Ariccia


We will arrive in Ariccia a little city near Rome in Castles area. In the main square we will see the Villa Chigi (Museum of Baroque) and at the same time Municipal building.

After visiting the Church of the Assumption (Bernini’s artwork) you can take a small stroll through the streets of the city and as soon as you are ready you will be able to go to a typical “fraschetta” restaurant for lunch. You can surely  taste local food and wine with a very cheap bill.

In the rest of the time, you can walk a little to digest all tasty food eaten before, and you can take a picture at the top of the Monumental Bridge of Ariccia.

Have you ever seen a climb that is actually a descent? We call this Salita del diavolo literally “Devil’s uphill” place famous for its geography that creates an optical illusion in which gravity seems to reverse itself.

    • Ciampino ( There are no major attractions or monuments is crossed by the Appia Antica)
    • Velletri (S. Maria del Trivio, Cathedral of St. Clemente, Common Palace and Civic Museum , Diocesan Museum, Naples Door, St. Michele Church, S. Lucia Church, S. Martino Church)
    • Lanuvio (Temple of Giunone Sopita [su prenotazione], Civic Museum [ingresso libero], Colonna Palalce, S. Maria Maggiore,Medioeval Castle, Fountain of the rocks)
    • Lariano ( Non ci sono monumenti e attrazioni di rilievo, è attraversata dalla via francigena)
    • Genzano di Roma (Sforza-Cesarini Palace and park [only holidays],S. Maria della Cima Church, SS. trinità Church, St. Francis Church, SS. Annunziata Church.)
    • Marino (Matteotti Square and Mori Fountain, S. Barnaba Church, Civic Museum , Wine Museum, S. Maria delle Grazie Church, Colonna Palace, SS. Rosario Church, Mitreo, Sanctuary of Madonna dell’Acquasanta)
    • Rocca priora (avelli Palace, Madonna della Neve Church, S. Maria Assunta Church, Pantano della Doganella e Bosco del Cerquone)
    • Rocca di papa (S. Maria Assunta Church, Crocefisso Church, Sanctuary of Madonna del Tufo, Fortezza Pontificia, Geofisic Museum, Via Sacra, Convent of Palazzolo)
    • Colonna (Baronal palace, Station Museum, S. Nicola di Bari Church)
    • Monte compatri (Convent of S. Silvestro, Sanctuary of Madonna del castagno, Angel Fountain, S. Maria Assunta Church, Borghese Palace, Annibaleschi Palace)
    • Monte porzio catone (S. Gregorio Magno Church, Villa Mondragone, Tusculum Ruins, Barco Borghese, Villa Parisi, Astronomic Observatory, Eremo di Camaldoli, Wine Museum, Villa Vecchia, City Museum)

As in each of our tours you can customize your itinerary of Roman’s Castles Tourat any time, making your visit special and unique.

More info and tickets about Roman Castles
More info about castles area

  • Scarpe e abbigliamento confortevoli.
  • Durante i mesi estivi proteggete la vostra pellecon cappellini, ombrellini e occhiali da sole,sopratutto all’interno di siti archeologici.
  • Durante le visite assicuratevi di avere con voi una bottiglia d’acqua. Potrete durante il percorso riempirla nuovamente in luoghi appositi.
  • I tour sopra indicati sono solo degli esempi di monumenti ed attrazioni che è possibile personalizzare il tour una volta giunti nel luogo di interesse purché si rispetti la tabella oraria.
  • Controllare l’effettiva apertura dei musei e monumenti di vostro interesse attraverso i siti ufficiali.
  • Con il servizio salta la fila non possiamo evitare i controlli di sicurezza. Per accelerare l’operazione togliere cinture, orologi di metallo, monete e cellulari dalle tasche. Non sono ammessi zaini di grandi dimensioni, valige, liquidi e grandi ombrelli. Si possono introdurre borsette e piccoli zaini.
  • I bambini hanno diritto al biglietto ridotto, ma a volte il ritiro dei loro biglietti richiede qualche minuto in più. Nessuna agenzia può evitare questa regola per usufruire quindi della riduzione i bambini devono essere condotti alle casse.

Sedan 1-4  – from €177 COMBO € 367
Minivan  4-6   – €237 COMBO € 467
Van  Bus 6-8   – € 267 COMBO € 517

Berlina    1-4  –
from €357 COMBO € 587

Minivan  4-6   
€417 COMBO € 687

Van-bus  6-8   
€ 447 COMBO € 737

Tutte le comodità dei biglietti salta la coda

NEMI: ship museum
5,50 adults | free <18

CASTELGANDOLFO Pope residence + Audio guide included
italiano, english, spanish, german, franch, russian.
13,50 adults | 7,50 € 5-18 years | free <5

GROTTAFERRATA Catacumbs guided tour  1 hour tour
€ 5 adults |  € 3 reduced

Tuscolo museum in FRASCATI
€ 5,50 adults |  € 3 reduced

Ferraioli and Legione pratica museums
€ 6,00

 Chigi palace in  ARICCIA + Barocco museum
€20 adults | 12 € 6-18 years | <6 free

VELLETRI: 3 Civic museums
€10 adults | 7 € 6-18 years | <6 free

Hotel / B&B or custom address

7:00 am in the winter-autumn
7:00/8:00 am summer-spring


Half tour 6 hours
Full day tour 10-12 hours

Skip the line tickets optionl

Included and not included services

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