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Private Rome tour with driver


A journey to discover the most evocative and fascinating places of the Eternal City linked to Christianity.Attentive to comfort and love for detail that we can guarantee with our service: the Christian Rome Tour is the ideal Tour that allows you to explore the salient places of Christianity.

In fact you can choose a fast itinerary lasting 4 hours or a longer and more complete itinerary (8 hours) that will accompany you in visiting the most important places of Christian life in Rome. All this without ever giving up flexibility, thanks to friendly and helpful drivers who will always be able to meet your requests.

You can also book a guide service and take a real guided tour in the places you love most: we will put at your disposal only the most prepared and competent tourist guides.

Our 4-hour tours of Rome are designed for those who have little time and want to make the most of it without losing the monumental beauty of Rome.

Ancient Rome Tour details

With the Ancient Rome Tour you can visit all the monuments and landmarks of the Roman era. In fact, you can feel the atmosphere of the ancient spectacles of the Colosseum area, built by Emperor Vespasiano, crossing its corridors and internal staircases like a true ancient Roman. You will also have the opportunity to cross one of the oldest streets in the world located inside the Roman Forum and Emperior Forum. An impressive archaeological site will take you back in time. In fact you can admire the old imperial residences, the trajan markets, the Julia and Emilia Basilicas and the Roman sanctuaries. Without forget the place where Rome was founded: the Palatine hill, one of the most panoramic places of the imperial Rome. Surely from the imperial holes you will be able to look out on another of the fulcrum places of ancient Roman life: the circus maximum , near which is also the mouth of truth.

Ancient Rome tour highlights

  • Relive the strength of the gladiators inside the Colosseum and do not miss the daily exhibitions
  • Go through the Arch of Titus
  • Retrace the glories of Rome with the Roman Forums
  • Enjoy the panoramic view of the ancient Rome from the Palatine Hill
  • Observe the ongoing excavations from the Trajanic Markets
  • Retrace the war of the Romans against the barbarians on the Trajan column
  • Visit the new findings of the Circo Massimo circus
  • Challenge the goodness of the gods with Bocca della Verità
  • Throw a coin into the Trevi Fountain to be sure to return in Rome again
  • Visit Castel Sant’Angelo with its dungeons, prisons and the Passetto village


Ancient Rome Tour 4hours

  • #1 Ancient Rome:
    • Visit: Colossuem + Roman Forun + Capitol Hill *
    • Circus Maximum
    • Mouth of Truth

Ancient Rome extended tour 8hours

  • 1# Full day Ancient Rome tour
    • St. Angel Castle *
    • Visit Colossuem + Roman Forun + Capitol Hill *
    • Circus Maximum
    • Mouth of Truth
  • 2# Full day Ancient Rome and Vatican tour
    • Vatican Museum + Sistin Chapel + St. Peter Basilica *
    • Visit Colossuem + Roman Forun + Capitol Hill *

Custom tour

* Tickets excluded
** Near shopping street
  • Comfortable shoes and clothing are recommended 
  • During the summer wear sunscreensun glasses, and a hat to protect yourself from the sun.
  • Be sure to have a bottle of water with you. You will refill it at fountains with drinkable water.
  • Check the cost of entrance tickets and the costs of the tour guides through the official websites and opening time of attracions
  • We cannot avoid metal detector security checks, also with Skyp the line option.
  • Sometimes for Children’s reductions we cannot collect tickets before arrival. You might spend some minutes more going to the kiosk with the kids.
Tour Roma | Rome tour by Taxi Ncc Italy


From Rome / Civitavecchia

Sedan    2 – € 137 / 337
Sedan    4 – € 157 /357
Minivan  6 – € 177 / 377
Van/Bus  8 – € 197 / 397

All Prices via online quote

the convenience of skip the line tickets

You can request skip-the-line tickets for the following attractions.

  • Colosseo, Palatin hill and Roman Forum
  • Castel Sant’angelo with Licensed guide in english

Ever included

Private car and bus

Hotel / B&B or your favourite location

7:00/8:00 am


Full day 10-12h


See included and not included service

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